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She Really Got It; Women Who Are Doing The Most

She Really Got It; Women Who Are Doing The Most

‘Gram Game Strong

The modern-day woman is pretty bad a**.

She is the grinding athlete.

She is the mother of three kids, with a six-pack, and a full-time job.

She is strong, powerful, intelligent.

Above all, she embraces all her talents as unique strengths, and that is what I love about women on the rise in social media today.

These are a few women to keep tabs on with a strong social media following who are doing the most with their voice (and bodies). Let’s talk grind:


aerie model

Iskra Lawrence is an Aerie model who was featured in a line that introduced un-retouched photos. She posted this photo of her posing with junk food on Instagram in response to body shaming comments she received. Amazing.




I originally came across Kaisa Keranen through her blog Two Bad Bodies that she had with her former college track teammate Jennifer Forrester. I was captivated by their strength and beauty through their Instagram videos. Kaisa still posts motivational videos daily that make it nearly impossible to skip your nightly gym session.



hannah bronfman

I love how Hannah Bronfman combines fashion and fitness so effortlessly. She was a huge inspiration for me when I was first thinking about creating a blog. Hbfit is an outlet for hip recipes, fitness, beauty, and fashion. She defines grind and is always up to a new project. Life Goals.



mattie rogers

Former cheerleader turned 69 kg olympic weightlifter, Mattie Rogers is the epitome of beauty in strength. I recently got into olympic weightlifting this past December, leading me to her Instagram @MattieCakesssss. I was not only taken by Mattie’s athletic abilities, but also the way she radiates confidence and a voice for positive body image. Check out her most recent 293lb clean and jerk at her first senior Pan Ams.



brooke wells 2

Mizzou student and avid Crossfitter Brooke Wells advocates a body that is built to perform. Her Instagram and athletic performance speak for themselves.



steph claire smith

Steph Claire Smith is a model turned health nut after drastically changing her lifestyle and getting hooked on health and wellness within the past few years. She enjoys how eating whole foods makes her skin look and her body feel. She is passionate about nutrition and finding a healthy balance.




Jorgine Massa Vasstrand blogger behind Funkygine, is passionate about all kinds of fitness and is a prime example of a mom who can truly do it all.



beach yoga girl

Kerri Verna otherwise known as Beach Yoga Girl on Instagram is an account I started following when I b began practicing yoga four years ago. Her real and authentic personality comes out through her beautiful and natural photos. Plus, her body is amazing and will make you want to start practicing daily hand stands as well.

Women are being celebrated for their unique traits. Skinny, curvy, muscular, and we love ’em all.

What a time to be alive.

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