Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle




Do what you love, love what you do.

For a long time, I lived life with a mentality that a healthy diet was counting out 5 carrots and a teaspoon of salad dressing. I thought that tracking calories, doing absurd amounts of cardio, and seeing my collar bones made me a poster child for health and wellness.

My journey through health and wellness has brought me to a place where I can balance a fun lifestyle full of beautiful friendships and relationships within the Charleston community all while maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Young And Not So Reckless (YANSR) is meant to be a place where others can learn to live a healthy lifestyle by finding balance in their lives. I find contentment through my love for health, fashion, beauty, and good food. I believe taking care of the only body you get is important at any age, whether it be through eating veggies or sweating it out at the gym. Living a healthy style is how I was able to start loving my body and I hope to enlighten women everywhere that life is much too short not to fully love the skin you are in.

Practicing self-love and finding a healthy balance between hitting the gym and hanging with friends is key to living well. Start your health and wellness journey with me and other health enthusiasts through YANSR.

Amelia Coggin 

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